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Andy Slater playing with fire (poi).While this site's home page has a brief and somewhat businesslike introduction, plus links to pages about my artwork, model making, and jewellery making, this page and it's various sub-pages get a bit more personal and perhaps even a little self-indulgent.

So this page and its various sub-pages are primarily here to explain some of the personal things I get asked about... like how having chronic fatigue syndrome affects me, how I became vegan, and why I engage in intermittent fasting.

It also contains things such as a list of all the DVDs that I own, so I can access it via my phone when I'm out and about, find some DVDs on special offer, and can't remember whether or not I already have them.

As for the photos, I like setting fire to things and whirling them around (they're called poi), and cosplaying i.e. attending comic conventions dressed as Bane from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Not both at the same time though. ;-)

Note that if you're interested in fire spinning / hoops / juggling, there's a friendly group that meets regularly at the Castlefield Bowl in Manchester to practice, learn new stuff, and generally hang out having fun.  You can find us on Facebook.

Batman stayed totally in character but I couldn't stop grinning.

More About Me

Prior to trying to make this site a bit more businesslike, I used it as a personal site, and created pages about various personal activities and interests.

Some of those pages are listed here:

PLEASE NOTE that some of the above are a work in progress, out of date, and missing links to sub pages, as a result of the reconfiguration of this site. I intend to fix this, but it's not paid work so it's happening as and when I have time. Ask me if there's something in particular that intrigues you. :-)

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