Despite my abilities and interest in art and design, I was dissuaded from pursuing it as a career and followed a “much more sensible” route until I was diagnosed with CFS in 1998.  Even then, and despite a life long indulgence in model making, it wasn’t until 2017 that I finally embraced the idea of becoming “an artist”.

It came about as a result of one of those “what would you do if you won the lottery?” type conversations and, after travelling the world and lying an a beach for a while, most people would want to do something… but what?  My answer: study art and explore my artistic side.

As a result of this I made enquiries about my options for study and in the course of doing so was invited to take part in Todmorden Open Studios Event in 2017.  Initially I was supposed to be sharing space with another artist but they had to drop out, leaving me to fill the space on my own.  As can be seen from the images below: it got a little crazy in terms of workload… but I thoroughly enjoyed it and have signed up to do it again in 2018… although I will be taking on only about half of the space.

While the images above are from work done in 2017, the images below are from way back in my teens i.e. prior to 1985.  It seems crazy to think that that prior to starting painting again in 2017, over thirty years had passed since I like applied paint to canvas or board.