Todmorden Open Studios 2017

At the beginning of 2017 I was invited to take part in the Todmorden Open Studios event, due to take place in the September.

My initial interest was in displaying terrain models and jewellery. Given that I only needed flat space for that I teamed up with another artist and together we committed ourselves to two spaces; the idea being that I would use the flat surfaces and she would fill the walls. However she backed out a couple of months before the event leaving me to fill the whole lot!

Fortunately I had been inspired, by other work I'd seen and by recent events, to start work on three portraits:

Katee Sackhoff (actress) as Kara Thrace - as a result of recently watching the rather splendid Battlestar Galactica (2004 version) TV series.

Terry Logan (singer) - I'd seen her perform in Todmorden and she'd posted a photo, on which this painting is based, on her Facebook page and I just felt an urge to paint it.

Chester Bennington (singer) - after he committed suicide I saw the photo on which this painting was based and again, felt inspired to paint it (Linkin Park is one of my favourite bands).

So the portraits were already underway when the other artist I'd teamed up with to do the event, backed out.

Much of the other work was inspired by a conversation with Joe of Todmorden Studios about the mass produced art that adorns hotel rooms and is sold in furniture stores; designed and/or chosen primarily to complement the furniture rather than its artistic content or merit.

13 Magnolias (on the stair wall in the photos below) is very much in this category but also came about as a result of stumbling across the technique of "acrylic pours" on YouTube, wanting to try it out, and needing to fill up all of that wall space.

As you can see from the final photo: my workshop space got a bit crazy in the final weeks before the event and the Jackson Pollock-esq pieces... were actually just boards that I used to catch the drips from the pours and ended up on the walls just to fill the space.

Ironically, although a good number of people recognised Terry Logan (her mum now has that painting), 13 Magnolias solicited more comments than anything else. You work your butt off to produce meaningful and dare I say skilful art, and the thing that generates the most interest: colourful splotches.

I couldn't really ask for a better / more ironic summary / conclusion to the "artwork to complement furniture" conversation.

Other Work

Although most of my endeavours of late relate to jewellery making, I have worked, and continue to work, in other areas. If you enjoyed this page, you might find some of these interesting:

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