I encountered my first real life computer (a Sinclair ZX80), at around the time that the IMB PC was invented (although a good few years passed before I was to encounter one of those), and via a somewhat convoluted route I entered what might be loosely described as a career in IT. Certainly by the time I had to give up work in 1998 because of CFS I was what was generally regarded as a seasoned computer geek, and earning decent money from it too.

Alas CFS put a stop to that (or at least the earning part of it) however I maintained an interest in computers and when it became apparent that I wasn't going to get over the CFS any time soon, I went self-employed and, amongst other things, created a web content management system, specifically geared towards creating ecommerce sites.

This part of my personal site has subsections about my Macs and my LAMP server however I also want to link to a few of my blog posts about things that come up fairly regularly in conversation with people:


Choosing a Secure Password

Choosing a Domain Name

HTML Special Characters

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