Asian Boy

Asian Boy by Andy Slater

This gouache painting (21cm x 16cm) was done from a photograph that appeared in 1970 Sierra Club diary. The photograph is of a drummer boy in Kathmandu but I chose just to paint his face. Other than the fact that I like the image there is not a lot that I can say about it.

The dairy however is another story:

One morning in our school assembly when I was 12, the headmaster told us that a well known artist (name not supplied) had visited the school and had left a 'prize' for the boy whom she considered to have the most potential to pursue an artistic career. I was very pleasantly surprised, and much envied, when I was called to the front of the hall to receive a package which turned out to contain a number of odd items including an old diary.

I have to say that at the time, I didn't much appreciate the diary, which was already seven years out of date, and was rather more interested in the sketch pad and other stuff included in the package. Thankfully I hung on to the diary because it was a part of my 'prize' and later I have come to appreciate it. It contains a variety of fantastic images. The sketch pad has long since been used up but although this is the only painting that I have taken directly from the old diary, I have found it to be a source of inspiration on many occasions.

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