This painting, which measures 56cm by 40cm, was done at an art class that I attended on Saturday mornings while I was studying for my A-levels.

Window by Andy Slater

One of the chaps there seemed to enjoy taking photographs of anything and everything. Photos that he didn't want got brought into the class where one of the teachers would hand them out for us to 'do something with'

I'm not sure why he gave me the photograph that this was taken from. Maybe it was because the photograph was in black and white and he was trying to steer me away from my monochromatic tendencies and in order to do anything with this I would be more or less forced to employ the use of colour.

All parties were intrigued by the result. Particularly the chap who took the photograph because as he said "I know what colour the window really is and it's nothing like that... but I like it."

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