Shower Safe Shaving Mirrors

Have you ever dropped a mirror in the shower and had the problem of how to finish showering/shaving and exit the shower without cutting your feet on the shards?

Having done it twice I decided I needed a safer solution… and while I was at it, I added in a bunch of other handy features.

The mirror that you see here is laser cut from silver mirrored acrylic and in order to test it I dropped it repeatedly onto a hard surface, from all angles. It didn’t break… but even if it had, it wouldn’t have resulted in the dangerous shards you get with broken glass.

The mirror is 4.5″ wide (11.5cm) so as you can see: the useable part is a little over that square. Including the hook part it’s 7.75″ long (20cm). The acrylic is 3mm thick.

While I was at it, I also decided to solve the issue of what to do with the damned thing when not in use… and as you can see from the photos: I’ve designed the hook such that it will go over pipes, hoses, curtain poles, and even solid shower screens.

Three other things worth mentioning:

1. it doesn’t hold water like some of the ones with frames do so you don’t end up crating puddles on the windowsill or wherever else you might put it afterwards.

2. It’s totally flat so really easy to pack in your luggage when travelling (the fact that there’s no frame to hold water is a BIG plus here too).

3. If you run it under the water before you start, it warms up quick and doesn’t steam up while you’re using it.

It’s resolved my shower-time shaving fears as regards the broken mirror dance, so I figured I’d do my fellow man a favour and make them available. You can buy them here using the PayPal button below (UK shipping only) or via my Etsy shop (with Worldwide shipping).