Although I made the odd piece of jewellery at different times in my life, I didn't get really involved until 2012 when I became one half of Brighid's Pagan Jewellery, and which I now own.

I use a variety of techniques including metal smithing, casting, glass work (hot, warm and cold), and a little lapidary work. I also dabble with polymer clay, leather work and anything else that takes my fancy.

Most of my jewellery gets listed and sold on in my Etsy shop. I also sometimes take commissions. Some of the pieces show in the gallery below, such as the yin yang pendant (which was made using rose quartz and black onyx) and the scorpion cuff, were commission pieces.

My designs are very much influenced by science, nature and spirituality. There's more information about that over at Brighid's Pagan Jewellery.

Other Work

Although most of my endeavours of late relate to jewellery making, I have worked, and continue to work, in other areas. If you enjoyed this page, you might find some of these interesting:

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