Model Making

I’ve been into model making for as long as anyone can remember and over the years I’ve delved into various different genres of it. However most of my more recent work has been with wargames terrain.

I’m not an avid wargamer but the things that appeal to me about making scenery for it are:

Firstly that it lends itself to small projects.  That’s because, from a gaming point of view, it’s good to be able to arrange things differently each time you play. Of course it also means that the models will fit reasonable easily onto shelves or into boxes for display/storage.

Secondly because it provides an opportunity to model fantasy and sci-fi subjects… and I do have a penchant for those.  So while most other genres of model making are about making things that are either functional (RC cars, aeroplanes, scale engineering, etc) or as accurate and lifelike as possible, making wargames terrain provides an opportunity to really indulge the imagination.

Since 2006 I’ve been the owner/administrator of TerraGenesis, a resource and community for people who are into making model terrain.  It needs to be reworked and updated but there’s a lot of useful and inspiring information over there.

Something else to check out is my Archeotech website where I sell a selection of model making components.