I didn't show much interest in music as a child. My junior school offered recorder and violin lessons, and in senior school I knew a couple of kids who had piano lessons or dabbled with guitars. However traditional instruments didn't appeal to me and it wasn't until the synthesiser, as used by Gary Numan, burst into mainstream music in 1979, that I became interested and set about constructing my first synth; a Transcendent 2000.

Throughout the 80s was quite passionate about my music and spent a lot of time writing and recording something in the order of 60 songs, although few people ever heard them.

The 90s saw me move away from musical stuff to a large extent however there were a couple of attempts to get back into it. This got ever so slightly out of hand after the turn of the century when I was tempted to buy a significant number of pieces of kit that I would have loved to have owned in the 80s but couldn't afford.

However despite the numerous additions to my collection, I was unable to rekindle my earlier passion. I think it's an age thing but every melody I wrote reminded me of something else and every lyric seemed like a cliche. I just couldn't get back into it.

Despite that it took until 2017 before I finally admitted to myself that it was a thing of the past and sold my last keyboard.

These pages describe the instruments and equipment I owned. They are only really here because they've been around in one form or another since I created my first website in the mid 90s and every time I consider deleting them the end up inspiring a little trip down memory lane.

Gear I Have Owned

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