Although in the 80s it was cool for a keyboard player to be surrounded by banks of keyboards on A frames, this isn't very practical for most of us. Thank goodness for rack mount modules.

Roland U110 PCM Sample Player

This was my first midi module and I bought it when I began using a computer as a sequencer. It allowed me to sell a number of other pieces of kit and take up much less space, something that was important at the time. These days I have a partner who indulges me but I still have the U110.

In addition to the internal sounds I have ROM cards for electric guitar (SN-U110-07), Rock Drums (SN-U110-10), Latin & F.X. Percussion (SN-U110-02) and Sound Effects (SN-U110-11).

Cheetah MS6-KM Analogue Synth Module

Although the U110 is a great piece of kit, I began to miss the analogue synth sounds so I bought a Cheetah MS6 which is a 6-note multi-timbral analogue synth in 19" rack format. Sadly however, it's a little tricky to set up multi-timbral 'performances' as these can't be done across midi and have to be done via the front panel. In 1992 I bought another two MS6s in an attempt to simplify things but this didn't really work out and in 1999 I sold two of them. The third was upgraded using an EPROM from Kristofer Maad:

Kristofer has a web site at where he has a number of MS6 related goodies and he has also decoded the programs on the MS6 EPROM. Kristofer was able to supply me with a modified version of the MS6's EPROM which DOES allow multi-timbral performances to be sent across midi. Because this upgrade enhanced the functionality of my MS6 by so much I have redesignated it as an MS6-KM in Kristofer's honour and I thoroughly recommend that any other MS6 owners check out his upgrade.

E-MU Proformance 1+

As I said on my keyboards page I kind of fell out with the sounds on my MK-80. This has some nice piano sounds on it but ironically my favourite sounds even better with just a little of the piano sound from the MK-80 mixed in.

Roland Super JV-1080

I remember this hitting the shops, but couldn't afford one, however they're now available on eBay at prices I just couldn't resist. I've upgraded it with a Techno expansion board.

At roughly the same time I acquired the JV1080 I also bought and Akai S2000 Sampler and a Yamaha TX-81Z. However I have now sold these due to lack of space. Couldn't bring myself to part with the other modules though.

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