I became interested in synthesizers in 1979 but there was no way I could afford on so I bought a second hand electric guitar from one of my mates. I didn't get very far with it as it was a poor substitute for what I really wanted.

A good few year later, having spent some time playing with odd noises on synths, I began to develop an appreciation of the sound of instruments like pianos and acoustic guitars. Given that I didn't have the space, or the money, for a piano, I went shopping for a guitar.

Eko Ranger VI

Eko Ranger IVWe've all seen the "No Stairway" sign in music shops but when I went shopping, I couldn't even play that. However I knew exactly the sound that I wanted so I tried just about every guitar in the shop, just plucking the strings one after the other, looking for just the right timbre. It must have driven the salesmen crazy.

It took until 1998 before I made any headway into being able to play the thing though!

BC Rich Warlock

I bought this on Haloween 2000 which was a very odd day indeed.

BC Rich WarlockHaving made some headway with the acoustic I'd decided that I wanted an electric guitar and had been looking around for something that appealed. Nothing had (the fact is that I just don't like the 'usual' guitar shapes) until I saw a picture of a Samick WR550 (which is a copy of the BC Rich Warlock). I asked around and eventually found a music shop about 30 miles away that was able to get one in for me provided that I paid in advance. 31st October was the day I went to collect it.

The day started with a huge thrill because it was that morning that I got the email telling me that the MPC-2000 was mine (see [page=15|percussion page]). At the music shop, after checking out the guitar, I asked them to hang on to it for me while I did some other shopping.

I was also looking for a rack mount mixer and had seen one on a previous trip into town in one of the second hand shops further along. On the way I spotted a Washburn Bass guitar at another shop which I was rather taken with but more about that later. When I got to the shop that had the mixer I found that it had been sold however they had something else in that I just couldn't believe: a BC Rich Warlock for under half the price that I'd just paid for the Samick!!

In the end I bought the BC Rich Warlock and went back to the music shop who agreed to sell the Samick for me on a commission basis. The final 'oddity' to the day was that by this time I had kind of clicked over into spending mode so I went and bought the Washburn Bass as well!!!

Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal

Boss Turbo DistortionMy primary interest in the electric guitar is with distortion sounds so I bought a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion pedal on eBay.

Roland Cube 20X

For a long while I didn't have a suitable amp and used to connect the DS-2 into a mixer and listen through headphones. More recently however I acquired a Roland Cube 20X. This has some nice distortion and overdrive sounds on it and what's more, you can use it with headphone or DI it for recording.

Washburn XS-6 Electric Bass

Washburn XS-6 Electric BassI bought this the same day as the Warlock (see above). Like I said, it was a VERY weird day.

I had borrowed a bass guitar from a friend a number of years earlier and had found it very useful for writing songs with. I find that when I have and idea for a lyric and a melody and need to start writing the music I'm better off doing it with an instrument that is simple to play. I don't mean that as a jibe against bass players. When I use bass for writing I just play one or two notes per bar on the thing and I find that is enough to start setting down the 'structure' of the song. Of course at a later stage I have to go back and write a proper bass line to it like a decent bass player might play.

Roland Cube 30 Bass

As with the Warlock, for a long time I connected my bass into a mixer and listened through headphones however, round about the same time as acquiring the Cube 20X, I also acquired a Cube 30 Bass.

The Cube 30 Bass is not as interesting in terms of its options as the 20X, but it has the ability to use it with headphones or DI it and that's really what I wanted.

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