Shower Safe Shaving Mirror

Shower Safe Shaving MirrorIf you've seen a picture of me, you'll know that I shave my head, but that I have a goatee beard. I'm a bloke... in case you didn't twig that already. ;-)

Thing is that I shave in the shower and having dropped two glass mirrors and had to dance barefoot, soapy, and half shaved, around shards of glass... well I though I needed a safer solution.

The mirror that you see here is laser cut from silver mirrored acrylic i.e. it's plastic, and in order to test it I dropped it repeatedly onto a hard surface, from all angles. It didn't break... but even if it had, it wouldn't have resulted in the dangerous shards you get with broken glass.

While I was at it, I also decided to solve the issue of what to do with the damned thing when not in use... and as you can see from the photos below: I've made the hook such that it will go over pipes, hoses, curtain poles, and even solid shower screens.

It's resolved my shower-time shaving fears, so I figured I'd do my fellow man a favour and make them available here.

Tip: run it under the water before you start shaving; when it's warmed up, it won't steam up while you're using it. ;-)

Shower Safe Shaving Mirror Shower Safe Shaving Mirror Shower Safe Shaving Mirror

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