The recipes in this section represent a selection of the things that I cook and as such, the follow my 'food philosophy' which can be represented by a number of points:

  1. I like eating but I don't want to get fat. The result is that I try to make the best of every meal (a mediochre meal is a wasted opportunity). I try to make meals with plenty of flavour and texture while trying to reduce the fat, sugar and salt, and increasing the protein, vitamins and fibre.

  2. I loath washing up and therefore try to keep the number of utensils used in preparing a meal to the minimum.

  3. Sometimes you see recipes where you add a pinch of this and a spoon of that and at the end of the day you can't taste any of those 'bits' in the end result anyway. I like to keep things simple and only include ingredients if there is actually some point to them being there.

  4. Usually I'm only cooking for the two or three people and this also has an impact on the ingredients. Some recipes call for a small quantity of something that we would end up throwing out because it would have gone off before we used it all up. I don't like to throw things away and am therefore inclined to swap these ingredients.

  5. I don't like to plan meals very far in advance so I am inclined towards ingredients which are dried, frozen, etc because these afford the greatest flexability. I therefore tend to use things like dried herbs, garlic paste and concentrated lemon juice as opposed to the fresh item.

Favourite Recipes

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