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I’ve been an artist, designer, and maker since I was first allowed to use round nosed scissors and sticky tape. I'm pleased to say I've progressed a little since then and am now allowed to use the pointed variety, superglue, power tools, CNC machinery, kilns and butane torches!

Most of the things I make are sold via my Etsy shop (a selection of items are shown below).

This site acts as kind of "central hub", linking to other sites that I own, social media accounts, etc.

It also provides some additional information about me... which may seem a little self-indulgent in places; but it's here either because I get asked about it and/or so I can refer back to it myself.

Please feel free to have a look around and if there's anything you'd like to know more about: sod off and Google it. (Just kidding - Feel free to contact me).

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Though I dabbled with jewellery making over the years as part of my general interest in art and crafts, I didn’t become seriously involved until 2012. I now own and run Brighid’s Pagan Jewellery and use a plethora of techniques including metalsmithing, casting, lapidrary techniques, and hot and warm glass working. [read more]

Model Making

I’ve always enjoyed making models and set up a model shop in Whitby at the turn of the millennium. Over the years I’ve delved into many aspects of model making. I own and run TerraGenesis (an online community and resource for terrain makers). [read more]


In my youth my artwork was applauded and I won prizes for it while in high school. However, due to parental influence I did not pursue this as a career. In 2017 I applied paint to canvas for the first time in 30 years and really enjoyed it. I'm considering the idea of returning to college to do what I should have done decades ago: have fun at college. ;-)[read more]

A Selection From My Etsy Store:

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