Who is Andy Slater?

I’ve been an artist, designer, and maker since I was first allowed to use round nosed scissors and sticky tape. I have progressed a little since then and am now allowed to use the pointed variety, superglue, power tools, kilns and butane torches!

Seriously though (if I can be serious for two minutes), I now work variously in the fields of jewellery making, model making, painting (on canvas) and the construction of objet d’art. In the course of these endeavours I engage in metalsmithing, sculpting and casting, glass working (hot, warm, and cold), leatherworking, and lapidary work.

I also continue, after close on 40 years of doing it, to enjoy writing computer code, and use technology such as laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC milling, in my artistic endeavours. I have long been interested in machine intelligence, both real and artificial.

In recent times I have also become accutely interested in the subtle, and not so subtle effects, of external factors on health and wellbeing.

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Though I dabbled with jewellery making over the years as part of my general interest in art and crafts, I didn’t become seriously involved until 2012.  I now own and run Brighid’s Pagan Jewellery and use a plethora of techniques including metalsmithing, casting, lapidrary techniques, and hot and warm glass working. [read more]

Model Making

I’ve always enjoyed making models and set up a model shop in Whitby at the turn of the millennium. Over the years I’ve delved into many aspects of model making and I currently have a publishing deal for a book on How To Make Wargames Terrain.  I own and run TerraGenesis (an online community and resource for terrain makers).  [read more]


In my youth I my artwork was applauded and won prizes for it while in high school. However, due to parental influence I did not pursue this as a career. In 2017 I applied paint to canvas for the first time in 30 years and really enjoyed it. I am now planning to return to college in September 2018 to do what I should have done decades ago: have fun at college. [read more]

Beginner to Intermediate Jewellery Making Workshops

Jewellery making can involve some very sophisticated techniques but there’s an awful lot that can be achieved using only a handful of simple techniques that require very few tools.  These are what I teach in my workshops.

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